High Heels vs Bare Feet

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High Heels

There's nothing like spinning around a pole in a comfy pair of high heels (usually Pleaser) feeling like a Goddess.  They are a great way to protect your feet when climbing and landing from a spin and if you don't have a perfect ballet pointe, it's a great way to hide it.  However, it is VERY noticeable when you are flexing your feet so put that landing gear away!

When training in a pair of high heels, get clear plastic tops.  Patent leather will wear away quite quickly and leave patches that don't grip very well.

Bare Feet

While high heels look, feel amazing (so many colours and sparkles!), and add a layer of protection; there are some moves that just cannot be done in heels.  Dancing with bare feet opens up a whole range of moves.  Also, if you are not confident with strutting across a stage/studio, high heels makes one look like a newborn giraffe.


In summary, if you are starting out in high heels, then get a small pair (3-4inches) with clear tops.  Then as your confidence grows, go nuts! There's a lot of choices out there.  Or stay with bare feet and rock those crazy tricks.

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