Strippers and Pole Dancers

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From what I have read and seen in my years of pole dancing is that there is a very clear "Us vs Them" culture.  We see it in the t-shirts "Your girlfriend vs My girlfriend" where one is plain jane and the other is a pole dancer.  There are especially some pole dancers with this attitude towards strippers.

Yes, we are trying to bring pole into the mainstream and make it less seedy.  We are trying to make it into a legitimate sport.  We are trying to get recognition etc etc.  But in doing so, we are shitting on those in the sex industry.  "Oh no, we are not like THEM.  We twerk, flick our hair, hump the floor, and lick the pole but we are NOTHING like strippers."  Come on, seriously?  We need to stop the us vs them culture.

So what if some people do it in lingerie and get paid?  So what if some people wear long tights and trainers?  We ALL love to swing around a pole and do some cool tricks.  That is what pole dancing is about.  It is inclusive.

All the strippers I have met (yes they were probably just doing their job to get my hard earned cash) have been the loveliest people I have ever met.  Some studios I have been to are the most judgemental and bitchy people I have ever met and they were also supposed to be working and getting my hard earned cash.

So, I have three simple words for those people who continue to judge, belittle, and look down their noses at strippers: Get over yourself.

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