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I have been pole dancing on and off for about ten years now.  I have been a student at various pole studios around the world and have taught myself a thing or two at home.  Here's what I experienced:


  • Structured class means a guaranteed warm up, cool down and drills - at home I am a little more relaxed with it.
  • Some one to spot me through difficult tricks I would otherwise be too fearful to try alone - which is great, pole can be dangerous!
  • Some one to be able to point out I need to move a limb or rearrange a handgrip to achieve the move/combo.
  • POINT YOUR TOES! is definitely said more than once.
  • A class to meet new friends, take photos/video and get different angles.
  • Encouragement and understanding of what it's like to finally get a move.
  • Correct techniques, especially lifting into moves rather than jumping.
  • Safer progression from beginner to advanced tricks.


Self Taught

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • More autonomy with what moves to learn.
  • Your session can go for as long as you want.
  • No one to compare yourself with (come on, we all do it).
  • Your own choreography.
  • Focus on what you want to do e.g more tricks, more stretching, more dance etc.
  • Train whenever you want.
  • Save money and travel time.
  • More comfortable to be sexy (for us shy cats).


I would say to do both.  Nothing beats an instructor spotting you for new moves and getting encouragement from class mates but also wanting to do things your own way in your own time is good too. The main thing is to be safe.


- Corina.

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