What type of pole?

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Mpole - Stainless steel

I first started pole dancing on a 50mm stainless steel Mpole.  It is certainly one of a kind free standing pole.  It is a spinning pole but you don’t go flying around like you would with other poles, hence my love for it.  Being the size it is, I definitely gained a lot of strength in my hands! - Corina

Pussycat Pole - Brass

I love brass poles!  They feel so grippy and I get a lot of spin on a Pussycat pole.  I can also make it static too which is great (feels like a two for one deal!).  A lot of comps I have been in use a 38mm brass pole so I do a lot of my training on this one.  The only thing is that I get mega calluses on my hands and lizard skin on my thighs (though a good moisturiser after class works wonders) - Angela

Xpole - Chrome

Love Xpole but not a fan of chrome.  I find it too slippery for my skin but it is gentler on my hands - Sarah

Powder Coated and Silicone Poles

I don't know much about these poles but from what I have learned on social media is that:

  • Powder coated poles feel like they have a thin layer of rubber
  • They can be very sticky for some and very slippery for others
  • Good to wear clothes with


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your skin and what you like.  Just remember, whatever pole you do get, buy from a reputable place, even if it does cost a little more.  There are so many fakes out there and this is your safety. Fakes will break!

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