About Us

So, what is Pole Guide?

Pole Guide is a smartphone app for all pole dancers but now we are branching out into clothing and accessories.


Why did you start PG?

Well, I was doing a private lesson and trying to find an image of a move I had once saved on my phone.  After scrolling and scrolling, I couldn’t find it!  The internet was too slow and I couldn't remember the name  so I gave up searching.  Then I thought “What if there was a way to sort and save moves into an easy to navigate list?”  Thus, PG was born.


How long has PG been around?

About 5 years now.


How is PG different to other apps?

We are different because we are free! But also, not only are we close to 2000 moves on the app but people can upload their own moves to the app, share on social media, favourite other peoples’ images and use the list of categories to find a new move.


Why did you get into clothing and accessories?

Well, we have a lot of fun and cheeky designs to share.  We also want to become an affordable one stop shop for pole dancers so keep an eye out for more products!



Well, thank you for your time Pole Guide.

My pleasure!